Disaster Recovery & Redundancy

Green Razor Communications helps businesses prepare for outages so when they occur downtime and lost productivity is minimized. Listed below are a number of options that will keep your voice and data communications up and running in the event of an unforeseen occurrence. The benefit for the majority of these options far outweighs their costs. To prove this, estimate how much it costs your business to be down for one day, the compare that against the costs below and you will come to the same conclusion.p>

Outage Solution Cost
Voice T1 Down
Voice T1 at capacity
1) Analog backup lines
2) Trunk group call forwarding
      – forwards all calls to another circuit
1) Low recurring cost
2) Low recurring cost
Data T1 Down 1) Backup Internet Access
        - DSL, Cable or Cellular Wireless
          (can be load balanced)
2) Server colocation
        - DC Power, multiple Internet access providers
1) Medium recurring cost
2) Medium recurring cost
Power Outage 1) UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
        – has limited battery life
2) PBX or Server Colocation
        - DC Power, multiple Internet access providers
1) Low one time cost
2) Medium recurring cost
PBX Down Redundant PBX High one time cost