Managed Services

Offsite Data Backup

Events like disk crashes, server corruption, viruses and natural and human disasters can take your business permanently offline. Protect your data and have peace-of-mind knowing that your business can be functioning in minimal time in the event of data loss. Automatically and securely back up your critical data over your existing Internet connection.


Green Razor Communications provides everything from 1U all the way up to a private cage or suite within data centers all across the world with bandwidth ranging from 1 Mb to 10 Gb. Colocation provides disaster recovery, redundancy and maximum network uptime by incorporating bandwidth from multiple providers avoiding network outages and utilizing DC power eliminating power outages. We have colocation and bandwidth services in over 120 facilities in 66 markets worldwide and over 7 million square feet of space.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN is a secure encrypted network solution that secures data traffic via encryption between your remote employees and your corporate network or among your various office locations. VPN is a cost-efficient solution for companies without a heavy investment in infrastructure or personnel.

Firewall Security

The Internet lets you connect and communicate across your organization as well as with your customers. The downside is that it opens your network to anyone who chooses pay you an unwanted Internet visit. Once you have determined which ports you need open and closed on the firewall, you need to monitor the open ports to ensure that malicious traffic is not allowed in the network. Deep packet inspection analyzes network traffic and blocks packets known to match thousands of malicious code signatures. When malicious activity is detected, those packets are blocked from entering your network. Hackers have become more serious in recent years by attaching malicious code to high traffic web sites. Once an unsuspecting visitor clicks on this web site, a virus, worm or other malicious code can be downloaded to the unsuspecting machine. Gateway AV thwarts these attacks by checking all HTTP, HTTPs, SMTP and FTP traffic for malicious code embedded within the traffic and blocks access to infected sites.

Spam Filtering & Anti-Virus Protection

Blocking spam, phishing, viruses and trojan horses before they reach your email server or gateway not only protects your critical data but also reduces the bandwidth strain on your network. Once them email has been scrubbed it is forwarded to your email server or gateway for delivery. Deployment is simple and does not require investments in hardware, installation or maintenance.